Following the success of the previous 4 years of the festival, we are pleased to announce that the fifth China Women’s Film Festival will be held in Beijing from 16th to 24th September 2017. The festival will then go on a tour to other Chinese cities through the year.

The China Women’s Film Festival (CWFF) began in 2013 in 3 Chinese cities. It was the first event of such a scale focusing on film and women’s issues in China. Its second year it came in 2nd place in the Austrian Intercultural Achievement Award given by the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, beating over 70 entries.

As in previous years, we will be screening a large number of foreign and Chinese films which portray women’s lives as well as showcase a broad range of issues that women face. We are excited to have many guests that will be coming from all over the world and China, including filmmakers, academics, and feminists to share with us their experiences and work on these issues.

In order to increase public visibility of women in film, the festival will be a platform for female filmmakers to have the opportunity to show their films. By showing diverse perspectives through the medium of film we hope to open up new outlooks and give a voice to women’s rights and gender inequalities in China, creating an environment where a diverse number of people can exchange ideas and network.

Both men and women across the world continue to struggle for gender equality. We hope through this festival to present a feminist perspective to participants and to continue the progress towards equality.